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Why Do You Need Your Chimney Re-pointing?

Being exposed to the elements, chimneys are incredibly susceptible to the elements. This may cause the mortar in your chimney to weaken and deteriorate over time. For that reason it is a good idea to have them repointed, preventing and further damage and any larger costs later down the line.

How Can I get My Chimney Re-pointed?

Re-pointing your chimney is a time-consuming and skilled job.  At Oliver Chimney Sweeping, we carefully choose the mortar that matches your old mortar, ensuring the best results both for the stability of your chimney and the appearance of your chimney.

Chimney sweeping costs vary vastly on the size and as such, it is difficult to give a single price. If you are interested in having your chimney repointed and would like a free no obligation quote. Please feel free to get in touch by clicking here.